Popeye Pablo Escobar Age, Bio, Married or Single, Death & Net Worth

Quick Facts of Jhon Jairo Velasquez

  • Full NameJhon Jairo Velasquez
  • Net Worth$12 million
  • Date of Birth15 April, 1962
  • NicknamePopeye Pablo Escober
  • BirthplaceYarumai, Antoquia
  • Ethnicity Colombian
  • Religion Christian
  • ProfessionHitman
  • Nationality Colombian
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Brown
  • BuildAverage
  • Horoscope Aries

During the ’80s and ’90s, all of the United States was in the constant chaos of defending its motherland from the infamous Colombian Drug Cartel name Medellin. Today’s topic is about one of the members of the cartel who was responsible for the heinous crime that killed more than three thousand people. He is non-other than Popeye Pablo Escobar’s right-hand of Drug Lord Pablo Escobar. 

Popeye Pablo Escobar became a center of attraction after the death of his boss Pablo followed by his surrender in 1992. He is responsible for killing over 300 people during his career as a hitman for the Medellin Cartel.

Apart from his notorious professional life, how was his personal life? Was he married, and what about his net worth? To find out continue reading the article below:

Rise to Hitman

Popeye Pablo Escobar was born John Jairo Velasquez on April 15, 1962, in the north of Medellin, Colombian town of Antioquia Colombia. His parents moved to Itagui, a suburb of Medellin when he was 12 years of age.

Ultimately, he joined the Colombian cadet school of the national police of the Colombian national army but decided to leave since he was not satisfied. Upon leaving the police, he decided to join the Colombian Navy where he earned his nickname Popeye. He got the nickname because he resembled American cartoon characters.

Popeye Pablo Escobar
Popeye in his youth days. Source: Daily Mail

Nevertheless, Popeye didn’t feel at home in the Marine and soon decided to join Mafia full-time. Initially, he worked for a childhood friend before meeting drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Plus, he started killing people at the age of 18 after he killed a bus driver who mistakenly killed his friend’s mother. After killing a human, he felt nothing, and that’s when his career as a hitman started. In an interview he said:

”I felt nothing at all after killing him.” “It was then that I realized I had a stomach for crime.”

Personal Life

Popeye was once in a relationship with Wendy Chavarriaga Gil, a former lover of his boss Manuela Escobar dad’s Pablo Escobar. However, since he worked in the criminal world, he killed her with his own hand despite loving her. At one time, when he was laying in bed with Wendy, the phone rang, and on the other end was a recording of her speaking with DEA agents.

It was a big issue to give information to the US police about anything related to the gang. Nevertheless, the situation turned into havoc after Popeye was given orders by his boss Pablo to kill her.

Popeye Pablo Escobar
Popeye with his boss Pablo Escobar. Image Source: businessinsider

Ultimately into the time, he shot her twice in the forehead after Pablo gave him an option saying  “love or death, money or lead”. In no time, he hung up the phone and shot her even though she was the woman he loved.

Apart, he might have been in a relationship with some women, but since his life was not friendly to be in a relationship, he remained single all his life. Saying that he did enjoy the relationship with lots of women but only sexually.

Popeye killed his girlfriend. Source: Criminal minds

However, after his surrender, Popeye admitted he had a son and a wife living in the United States. Despite that, there is no information about his spouse and kids until now.

In an interview with Newyork times, he admitted having a family and also warned his enemies to stay far from them. Sadly the information about his family remained a mystery after he died in 2020. On the other hand. Jaime Osuna was guilty of murdering 37-year-old woman Yvette Pea.

Causes of Death

Popeye died of natural causes on February 6, 2020, at Bogota Cundinamarca. He died because of stomach cancer in Bogota hospital at the age of 57. Before his death, he had been re-imprisoned in 2018 after first being released from prison in 2014, having served an initial 23 years after turning himself in 1992.

He died of natural causes in 2020.
Popeye has taken away after being arrested. Source: apnews

Moreover, during his reigns as a hitman, he admitted to having killed over 300 people by himself. Despite that, he was a loved man by the Colombian people because of his constant opposition towards the Colombian government and President Trump.

Before his death, he revealed various information about the Medellin Cartel and also wrote a book. He had become a good man and run a youtube channel named Popeye_Arrepentido, which has over a million subscribers. Besides that, Michael Garguilo is well-known as an American serial killer and rapist

Net worth of Popeye Pablo Escobar

Popeye had a net worth of $12 million from his career as a hitman for the richest drug lord. He worked for the biggest drug cartel in the world, which generated $60 million daily in drug profit. The Medellin cartel covered 85% of the United States cocaine Market. His boss Pablo was considered the wealthiest criminal in history with an estimated net worth of $30 billion net worth by the time of his death.

Furthermore, in 2019 Popeye had a net worth of $59 billion. He lived such a lavish life that no one can imagine. For instance, at one time, when they were hiding from the DEA in the jungle, his boss decided to burn more than $20 million of cash to light a fire. He and his boss had everything they needed at their boundaries, including a personal Zoo worth $80 million.

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